Changing of the Seasons

Track season has arrived! I enjoy photographing at the race track, especially motorcycles. I plan to try some additional genres of motorsport this year but motorcycle road racing will be the priority. I was happy for the opportunity to be the official track photographer for Motorcycle Xcitement track days early this week. I have studied … Continue reading Changing of the Seasons

Shenandoah National Park

I can drive from my home to the Thornton Gap entrance of Shenandoah National Park (SNP) in about 30 minutes so I visit there frequently.  The main feature of SNP is Skyline Drive - a two lane highway that bisects the park.  It runs 105 miles from the north entrance at Front Royal to the … Continue reading Shenandoah National Park

On Two Wheels

In the eyes of many, I would have been considered old the first time I rode a motorcycle on a race track. Track day organizations require you to display a number on your bike in case they need to identify you on the radio, so to commemorate the event I chose the number 52. I … Continue reading On Two Wheels


I spent a week in Florida recently and came home with a few photos I like.  On the way there I stopped in Savannah, Georgia to check out the Wormsloe Historic Site.  Here's my version of the entrance drive. From there it was on to Amelia Island to spend a weekend with my brother.  The … Continue reading Florida

industrial Moto

For most motorcycle enthusiasts a certain image comes to mind when someone says "Cafe Racer". The internet is littered with thousands of similar looking examples. While there are many variations on the theme, the bikes from industrial Moto push the limits of classification. Industrial Moto is owned and operated by Tyler Haynes and is located … Continue reading industrial Moto

Industrial Photography

Search for the term "industrial photography" and you will find tens of thousands of examples from every industry under the sun. Photos are used by all sorts of businesses for instructional and training material, marketing, editorial, and documentary purposes. Some are displayed in a company's conference rooms and offices, and some are even shown and … Continue reading Industrial Photography