According to Wikipedia, Drifting is “a driving technique where the driver intentionally oversteers, with loss of traction in the rear wheels or all tires, while maintaining control and driving the car through the entirety of a corner. Car drifting is caused when the rear slip angle is greater than the front slip angle, to such an extent that often the front wheels are pointing in the opposite direction to the turn.”

According to what I witnessed as a spectator at a Drifting event recently, it’s all about how much smoke you can generate with your rear tires while sliding sideways through turns.  Wikipedia also mentions that in competitions, one of the factors that drivers are judged on is showmanship.  I did find it very entertaining to watch.


Many of the cars participating appeared to be dedicated to this activity, and they showed some wear and tear.  A few appeared to be the car in which the driver arrived to the track.  The best show of the day was provided by the cars that sported lots of graphics and stickers advertising a variety of sponsors.


I went to the track on this particular Saturday looking to practice panning photos at low shutter speeds.  I didn’t get many keepers but I learned a lot.  Both about photographing events like this and about drifting.  I had no idea that this sport has been around since the 1970s.  I enjoyed the day and will definitely return.  Here are a few of the shots that I liked well enough to share.





More photos on my web site.

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