Moving Pictures

Not that kind.  This kind of moving picture is one where I was moving – lying in the bed of a pickup truck.  I have wanted to get some photos of industrial Moto’s motorcycles on the road – literally.  Last night we had an opportunity to give it a try.  I was both pleased and disappointed with the results.  Pleased that several shots came out pretty good, but disappointed that we couldn’t get more background blur and sense of motion in the photos.  The best shots were taken with a shutter speed of 1/200″.  I tried going to 1/100″ but it was just too slow for my skill level.  Maybe with more practice…

It is difficult to hold the focus point steady when you are laying on a truck bed that is going 35 mph down the road.  Even a relatively smooth residential street has bumps and turns.  Add in a subject that is also moving and keeping that little box on exactly the right spot was quite challenging for me.  We finished up with some panning shots where I was stationary.  These can be challenging, too.  You have to turn your body as the subject passes by and that aforementioned focus box moves around a lot.

I just ordered a new monopod in the hopes of improving my panning.  I enjoy going to local racetracks and photographing track day riders and racers, but my keeper rate is still pretty low.  Turning with the camera to follow a fast moving subject does take practice.  Hopefully the monopod will help eliminate the up/down movement and smooth out the left/right movement.

Here are a couple of examples from yesterday’s truck ride.  Below those are some of my panning attempts.


Panning industrial Moto’s founder and owner on Project Scout II:


And one final panning shot from Summit Point Motorsports Park.  This guy was moving much faster!  🙂


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